The corona virus, how do we deal with this at Munsterhuis.

Munsterhuis takes the risks associated with the corona virus very seriously and has implemented measures and policies to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

The most important advice for our guests, customers and staff are:

– Don’t shake hands.
– Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other.
– Wear a mouth mask in public areas where keeping 1.5 meters away is difficult.
– Wash hands regularly with soap (and follow the instructions given in our facilities).
Sneeze or cough into the inside of the elbow and use paper tissues.
– Disinfect your hands regularly (disinfectants are available at our companies).
– In case of disease symptoms (in yourself or in your immediate environment), you should avoid (postpone) a visit to Munsterhuis

Mandatory masks
The government has issued an urgent recommendation to wear mouth masks in public spaces where keeping 1.5 meters away is difficult. For Munsterhuis, the protocol will initially formally apply to our showrooms and workshop receptions. (public spaces are the spaces where customers come) To keep things practical and good, we use the following protocols.


– The showrooms and workshop receptions are in principle spacious enough to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
– You are urged to disinfect your hands upon entering our showroom.
– We have mudguards at our counters.
– We advise our visitors to wear a mouth mask when the customer has contact with our employees and cannot reasonably keep a sufficient distance.
– The nature of our work does not always enable our employees to wear a mouth mask as standard. We do our utmost to do this where necessary and hope for your understanding if we are not wearing a mouth mask at the time of your visit. We will do this as soon as possible.
– Our employees are allowed to wear a mouth mask as standard and expect this from colleagues when they work in the vicinity of the relevant colleague.
– The rules below will be included in our policy and indicated by means of icons at various places in our buildings.

Rules regarding the use of mouth masks within Munsterhuis:

– We keep 1.5 meters away from the customer. If that is not possible, we will wear a mouth cap.
– If a customer wishes (despite a distance of 1.5 meters) that we wear a mouth mask, we will do that.
– When a customer wears a mouth mask, we ask the customer whether it is desirable that we also wear a mask.
– We wear a mouth mask for deliveries in the car.
– We wear a mouth mask during a test drive with a customer.
– For customer appointments in public areas and at locations, we wear a mouth mask if desired.
– We respect the choice of masks and believe that both our visitors and employees are entitled to a safe visit to Munsterhuis.
– The management reserves the right to refine the above if there is reason to do so.
– Our employees who work in the showroom or workshop reception or who have to go there must always wear a mouth mask or have it on sight to be able to wear it if the situation requires it.

What has Munsterhuis already implemented:

  • Our cleaning companies and staff provide a more intensive cleaning of our sanitary facilities, showroom and other matters where people come together. This also applies to extra cleaning of equipment or items that are touched a lot by different people (handles, ATMs, etc.).
  • Publishing a so-called signal card / instruction card on which the most important tips are stated.
  • The staff is personally informed and provided with the corona prevention policy.
  • Additional hygiene measures have been included in the processes in terms of key collection and issue and the use of protective equipment and the cleaning of vehicles.
  • Our staff works from home as much as possible. However, this is not possible for some of our teams as they have to perform work in our companies. In order to limit the risks here as much as possible, we work in separate shifts where possible.
  • Arranging additional basic items such as hand towels, soap and disinfectants.
  • All planned events have been canceled in the near future. Appointments and visits with external parties are no longer allowed and are kept at a distance where possible (telephone or video calling). Partners are actively involved in this and risks are identified and excluded as well as possible in advance.
  • We continuously follow the reports from the government, the RIVM and, if necessary, the advice of doctors or GGD to strive for the safest possible (work) environment. Our management and staff are regularly provided with updates and relevant information so that everyone is well informed about current events.
  • Visiting the showroom outside regular opening hours is possible by appointment. For the time being we are closed on Thursday evening (late night shopping)

What do we expect from our staff:

  • All Munsterhuis employees must conform to the policy set out.
  • Where possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is kept from each other.
  • Conducting a so-called door policy, if there are too many visitors in our companies at any given time.
  • All employees should avoid risky contacts as far as possible.
  • All employees must be alert in his / her environment so that any risks are quickly identified.
  • If necessary, inform visitors of our companies about the rules and regulations.
  • Our employees must stay at home in case of physical complaints, a cold or the flu.
  • In case of fever and worsening of these complaints, they should always consult their general practitioner or the GGD. Instructions from these parties must be followed.
  • If a family member shows a fever or symptoms of illness, the employee must stay at home preventively.
  • Our employees are requested to follow the national and regional news carefully.
  • Our employees must also conform to the guidelines and measures of the government outside working hours.
  • Employees must immediately inform the supervisor or management if matters as described above arise.

What do we expect from our visitors:

  • Following up and respecting the advice and the corona protocol within our companies.
  • In case of illness or disease symptoms (related to the corona virus), we urgently advise you to (temporarily) postpone a visit to Munsterhuis to prevent infection.
  • In case of urgent matters, you can always contact our employees for a possible mobility solution.
  • You are welcome at Munsterhuis if you have not been in a risk area or have not had contact with an infected patient or if you do not have mild cold complaints in the last 14 days.
  • Reporting risks that may affect our business operations.

Munsterhuis staff and management do their utmost to prevent the spread of the corona virus. It goes without saying that we try to carry out our daily activities in a responsible manner so that we can and continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

We count on your understanding for the measures taken (or the measures yet to be taken) and hope that together we can limit the risk as much as possible. The above measures remain valid until further instruction.

Hengelo, October 2020 On behalf of the management, Bart Eshuis Herald Oude Hendrikman