Business rental

Munsterhuis Car Rental Business

Did you know that renting a business car can be beneficial? Munsterhuis Car Rental offers business relations the opportunity to rent representative cars for a period determined by you, at competitive rates. This can be done from 1 day, a few days or a few months. Almost all Renault models can be rented and are lavishly equipped. As standard, our cars are equipped with, among other things, qualified ALL-Season tires, air conditioning, hands-free calling and from the Renault Clioalso with navigation. You can rent both passenger cars and commercial vehicles from us. Our entire fleet consists of more than 300 vehicles! We do not work with equivalent models, with us you will always get the car you have asked for. Optionally, you can make use of our own collection and delivery service, so that you or your employees do not have to worry about transporting the vehicle. It is of course also no problem to pick up the car yourself; The coffee is ready!

Day rental

Many companies, SMEsand freelancersnow choose to rent a car instead of sending employees on the road with their private car. Munsterhuis Car Rental offers the following solution for this; day rental. Ideal for your employees to go to appointments or trade fairs, as a replacement transport or as a solution for an unexpected mobility problem. We offer the possibility to refuel the car for you and to state the fuel costs on the invoice. This makes it unnecessary to declare fuel by your employees. When picking up the rental car, the driver of the car must show a valid driver’s license. You can of course also opt for our collection and delivery service.

Short lease

Do you want to rent a car for a business period longer than 1 month (30 days)? Then short lease at Munsterhuis Car Rental is the best solution for you. The car of your choice will be used for at least 1 month (30 days), whereby the period can be extended if desired. The term can be canceled daily after 30 days.

When is short lease interesting?

  • If you do not want to conclude a long-term contract
  • If you want flexibility
  • For starting entrepreneurs
  • For employees with a probationary period
  • When there is a delay in the delivery of the lease car. Short lease is then ideal for bridging

Our short lease rates include All Risk insurance, passenger insurance. Maintenance and breakdown assistance and service.


Business rental benefits at Munsterhuis Car Rental

  • Flexible rental; from day rental to short lease
  • Our cars are ad-free (without text and logos)
  • Wide choice in passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Your rental car is less than 1.5 years old and has driven less than 60,000 km
  • Cars also available with a tow bar
  • Cars with automatic transmission are also available
  • 24/7 Renault Route Service in Europe. You will also be helped with a flat tire or empty tank
  • Delivery and collection service throughout the Netherlands
  • Refueling service; handy for your employees

Would you like a tailor-made offer or do you have any questions? Our employees are ready for you! Please feel free to contactus.