Business rental benefits for freelancers



Are you self-employed but don’t need a car all year round? Or does the type of car differ per job? Then it may be cheaper to rent a car instead of buying one yourself. Want to know how that works? Read here the benefits of business renting for freelancers.

A car when it suits you

When you, as a self-employed person, often work from home, you may not always have to use a car. If you do need a car, for example to travel to a customer on the other side of the country, or for a specific assignment, then it is useful if you have one that you can return after the job is finished . This way you save costs on road tax and car insurance, for example, and you always have a representative car ready when you need it.

A car for every job

You may need a larger car for some jobs than others. You pay more road tax for larger cars and it is a shame if you only need such a large car every now and then. That is also why business rental can be a solution, because then you have the option of renting different types of models. This way you have a suitable car available for every job!

Good for the wallet

Renting a business car can be very beneficial. You do not have to pay maintenance costs and the car is insured. The rental costs are also one-off or per month, depending on your rental period. This way you always have a good overview of the costs, which is very beneficial! The only thing you have to worry about is finding the best fuel price. Business renting can also be a good solution for freelancers who do not have the budget to pay for a representative car in one go, but can pay a fixed monthly amount. With business rental you do not have to go through a financial check and you will not receive a BKR registration as is the case with many lease companies.

Arranged quickly, for any period

When you choose to rent a car for business at Munsterhuis Car Rental, you are assured of a fast delivery. This way you always have a car when it suits you and for any period. This flexibility allows you to switch quickly, should plans change or be added. So you can always get to work!

A wide offer

Another advantage of business rental at Munsterhuis car rental is the wide range we offer. This way you always have the right car for your job and you are assured of a representative model with which you can arrive at your customers with confidence. In addition, our models offer many comfort-enhancing options such as air conditioning, hands-free calling and an advanced navigation system from the Renault Clio.

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Are you wondering if you can save money by renting your car for business? Then contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution for you!